I cant enjoy anything a

i was outside playing basketball and i was making 90 percent of my shots but i kept hearing people or maybe just thinking that im hearing people say im missing, than i grab a stick to carve and i am thinking that im hearing people saying that i am gonna beat someone with the stick

i dont understand this my hallucinations are quiet but my thoughts are permanently ■■■■■■ up by the voices that i can never actually think normally i keep thinking i am going to relapse like i know everything the voices would say so i have the thoughts reminding me every second of the day of what they would say and it doesnt help that i hear them quietly saying all these things i dont really understand what their saying unless i am listening really hard but i cant not listen in certain situations

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that’s terrible, your mind is torturing you, and I know what you mean about not enjoying anything. I hope you feel better soon.

I have this problem too. I think it’s actually part of my OCD. I’ve managed to get better from the compulsive part of it but the obsessive part is still messing me up. Thinking about a medication specifically for OCD. It’s just some of the ones I tried in the past were pretty terrible. Although in fairness, some were OK.

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