I can't eat no appetite

I feel no hunger and when I do think i should be eating theres no hunger. I should be having a healthy cal content

I live a sedentary lifestyle (except when I’m helping dad on the farm) and I don’t get hungry

When I had no appetite many years ago I ate a Thai dish with lots of Thai spices and after that I had a appetite again.
It’s as if the spices stimulated my love and desire of hunger or just eating cause I love :two_hearts: food.

I am bad because I often eat when I am not hungry just to have three meals a day or just cause I enjoy eating.

When I was a child I was so picky that I would rather have stomach cramps and pains of hunger and govto bed hungry than to eat food I did not like.

Maybe try some spices and talk to your Dr.

Hey thanks yea it’s okay I’m eating enough not to starve to death lol. But I get depressed easily. My hubby is out of state and I miss him :persevere:
I always get this way when he leaves. He’s mi Corazon i miss him as such.

Also me too lol but I sometimes do that as an adult… And I can’t cook :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Are you taking antipsychotic medication? Does officially totally increase your appetite

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