I cant do sports?

For long time
I was prey to stress and anxiety
Becoz i couldnt do sports and i couldnt break sweat
Even if i search for exercises to do at home
I never find anything and if i found voices stop my body and stop me
Anyone has similar experiences ??

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It seems that you have been having a hard time with your symptoms. Maybe you can talk to a psychiatrist about your concerns. It may be that they might advise a different treatment or modify your current treatment to address your issues.

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Even normal people can’t do sports for some reasons, but if you have voices and things stopping you, that’s a symptom of the illness.

What medications are you on?

Now i am on pimozide

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Talk to your doctor about raising or lowering the dose.

How many years have you been on it?

he always change the regimen to avoid dependence

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If you are taking antipsychotics consistently then you are dependent on them, most in the class have the same main effects on your brain.

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