I can't do it anymore

I just can’t. Too much failure.

What happened???

What’s wrong @Sharp ?

Sharp! Failing what? An exam?

I just hallucinationed so bad that I dropped out of an archery competition. I am hiding behind the building. I really wanted this. I was so bad. I’m not like the others I can’t do this anymore

You just got a bit of a fright. That’s OK and allowed.

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How is college going? You can try archery again another day.

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I understand the disappointment but not the end of the world right? Thought you were done with school or something. At least you have that right? Archery and hallucinations sounds like they don’t go well together. Sorry you had to experience that.

It’s going alright.


It just shows that I can’t make it in life. I might as well be done with school. I am held back. A defective.

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The fact that you were even willing to try the archery competition is commendable!


We all have our days, Often I have to stop working and just come home to bed and sleep it off, hope you feel better


Sharp, have you seen the movie ‘GATTACA’? You’re an inspiration to the rest of us. You remind me of the character Ethan Hawkes plays in it. (Even though he’s a dude :confused: )

If you haven’t seen GATTACA, then you should watch it.

Life is about getting out there, pursuing your dreams, despite any limitations you feel you might have.


Hey Sharp, this is going to sound harsh and I don’t mean to be mean when I say it but you were a high achiever in school and now you’re in university in a pretty tough course. I think you need to learn how to deal with disappointment. There are always going to be people who are better than you.

You may not always be the best at everything you try but the fact you’re trying is good enough. You’re doing better than most people with schizophrenia (or schizoaffective, I can’t remember which one you have). You’re doing better than most people who don’t have an illness like sz/a to contend with.

I think you need to learn to appreciate that rather than striving to be top of the class. Passing is good enough, employers need qualified people, they don’t necessarily need the top of the class graduate.

I’m sorry you had a tough time with archery. That sucked, but it’s done with now. There will be other archery competitions you can enter and hopefully they fall on better days. But throwing in the towel on everything, including uni, is a really bad attitude to take.

Life is full of obstacles. And real life is really competitive. You have to learn how to fail with grace.


I’m so sorry. But don’t let one hallucination discourage you!! There are so many coping methods you can learn to deal with hallucinations! If you message me I can share some of mine with you. You have so much potential and you can’t let all your smarts go to waste! I believe in u @.@


Your not defective!
U just don’t run with the pack.
Your unique and special and I hope you can see that about yourself.
Some people can’t handle stress very well it doesn’t make them defective.
You’ve a serious illness and by the sound of it are jumping through hoops.


Its OK…we all have bad moments…you got a lot going on in a new place…no worries just take a breather…


One failure in life does not define you. We all fail no matter how old or young we are. One setback does not mean that you are doomed to endless failure in everything you do. Rest up and lick your wounds and count this as a learning experience. I fail every day, many times a day. But I also win. I’m really sorry that someone so young as you has to have this disease. With this disease you can’t have everything you want but you can still have some things.


don’t give up, I failed a lot but believe in being reborn and it can happen to you too. People overcome amazing obstacles, it sounds like you’ve got some anxiety and your putting a lot of pressure on yourself to be successful. Slow down, be kind to yourself, don’t set the bar so high. You’re just like everyone else not defective, so many crazy people out there your reaction sounds pretty normal to me…

Hey @Sharp, are you feeling any better? First semester at university brings a lot of new life experiences which can be both exciting and stressful. Remember you get to go home to visit friends and family for Thanksgiving soon.

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