I can't do anything

I get on craigslist and look at the list of apartments for 2 seconds and my brain just shuts off. I look at the list of jobs and my brain instantly shuts off. I can’t do anything.

It has taken me a long time to realize how much I can’t function at all.

I’m just going to rot on the street

And I’m scared

I can’t do anything

I can’t help anyone

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It’s like extreme laziness to the point of killing myself

Any advice? Anyone else feel like this?

Yes, but I have a place to live. I don’t have any advice. My brain doesn’t function + causes me not to function.

Where are you living now?
Sounds like you have negative symptoms. Are you on medication?

Sounds like this might be just an anxiety disorder. I suspect that if you get treatment for that - that you’ll realize you can do things again. Do you have a doctor you see regularly?

I hated being a human being until I realized it was the dog-like qualities in me that was what I was hating. So, don’t forget you are a human being and that is special.

no I’m not. but wouldn’t medication just make these negative symptoms worse? isn’t medication sedating?

I sort of feel you. Everything is a challenge. I think it always has been but it wasn’t something I really had to deal with before I went sz. I am also afraid of winding up on the streets down the line. Ive got no education and a spotty work history and Im sz. I think I function well enough that people wouldn’t know but it makes everything that much more difficult. Ive got a few more months until I’m out of money that is when ill start to get worried. You might just be in a slump. Try getting some exercise or doing something. Rebuild your confidence in yourself. Also talk to a doctor they might be able to help you out.

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I experience this. It’s like I just short circuit.

Try one at a time. Read the same listing 20 times if you have to. You can beat this, you just can’t give up.

I had a time where I had no where to live, I ran out of couches, I couldn’t find a job, I couldn’t hold a conversation, I couldn’t even keep my mind on a single thought. I kept trying even when all I could do was cry and literally fall to my knees. You know what? I’ve held a job for three years now, I pay my bills successfully, I have a child and a fiancé, I have a few friends, and I’m even happy.

If you can get through 2 ads, you’ve made progress. If you can make progress, you CAN start recovering. Be stubborn and don’t let this disease beat you or define you!

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hope you are feeling better today, know some one cares.
take care

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I know that when I went bat ■■■■ psychotic after my divorce, my negative symptoms were god awful. The Abilify I was on was a bad med for me, but it did help with my negative symptoms. I think that the meds help with negative symptoms but also make negative symptoms worst at times - through sedation

Depends on the person. I think most of them will at first-until your system gets used to it. I`m not a doctor, just going by experiences with my son. Hope you are see a doctor. Stay with this site also. Lots of good advice. take care of yourself…x

Try picking a dream. I don’t do well unless I am planning for the future. I have to have a long term goal in mind before starting anything. Choose something ambitious that you can work up to. A classification doesn’t really help. Anyone can be a ‘painter’ or a ‘writer’. You just have to slap some ink on something.
Try for a work classification instead. Something that you have to be rearguard by other people as like doctor, chef, concert pianist. Choose something and devote yourself to it. You can change your mind later.
Set mini goals like jogging/running/walking thirty minutes a day. If you can’t do it the first day (you shouldn’t be able to. That just means your goal isn’t big enough) work up to it. No more soda is a good one.
Maybe take up a trade like mechanic or carpenter. Then be dead set on being the best.
If you’re the best other people are more likely to work with you I think.

I’m struggling with this too. I had big dreams for the future. Now I’m not sure I can work. My friend says he doesn’t think I’m mentally ready right now for a job position because I’m not in the right head space. My dad is upset that I’m not working yet. I might try disability but I don’t think I qualify.

try to get to a doctor and tell him everything…sending blessings your way