I cant do anything

i cant do anything
i cant watch tv
i cant play game
i cant read book
i cant chat with anyone
i cant do anything
the only thing i m thinking in is to masturbate
nothing else
although i fed up with it so much
i am bored with it too much
but it is the only thing i can do

I’m with you @saynow (except maybe on the masturbation thing), I’m bored as hell with nothing to do. I usually am though.


You got to try…to get your act together. Masturbation is often a sign of boredom…and when you do it you deplete your energy…and you become even more resigned and bored.

I’m not saying you should never do it…but it is better to try and do something else…even if you only manage to do it for a little while. Then maybe replace masturbation with taking naps.

Maybe your medication is having a too heavy impact on your body?

When I was on high doses of zyprexa my sexual habits got out of control. It was basically escapism. I felt so crap in my head and fantasies and masturbating seemed to releave that. Probably the dopamine rush. In a way I felt the medication made me much more mentally ill than I was before my first episode. The meds got rid of the acute psychosis, but in general it made me more crazy than I ever had been before in my life. Suddenly there was no rhyme or reason to my actions.

I am lucky enough to have gotten down to a lower dose of medication and have retained some of my sanity, although I still struggle. I hope there is something your doctor can do for you, maybe a adjustment or med change that can make life a little easier.

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