I can't believe it myself

My GPA is a 3.0. I surprised myself greatly. I’ve failed several classes but I got A’s in others.
My crowning achievement was getting an A+ in my Beatles class. Yeah, you read that right: a whole class dedicated to my favorite band who I’ve liked since my parents propped me up in front of the TV when I was 4 or 5 years old and they were on the Ed Sullliven show.
Here’s an interesting fact : When the Beatles made their first appearance on American TV on the Ed Sulliven show in 1965 or 1964, it was the largest TV audience ever up to that point. An actual fact is that the crime rate across America went down 22% because even the criminals tuned in to see the Beatles and they weren’t out committing crimes!


respect… beatles are a good band

Congrats on the A+ in Beatles class, 77nick77. It’s fantastic that your onine courses include a Beatles class. This must be very intersting to learn.

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Yeah, it was fun.