I cant believe it my bf and I are more in love than ever

Im so in love
I love him deeply
I love him like a bowl of soup on a cold day.
I am happy
I am a static
I am so undeniably entusigasmically happy.
Im enthusagasmically happy about my life and love and just being able to let go of all toxicities and leave :last_quarter_moon: in the past.
Its almost as if my life has come full circle and im sitting her and just being happy.
I feel good. About my life. My babe. My babies. My journey. My next adventure. Cosmology maybe. Or maybe I’ll fall in love with this guy bc I have daddy issues and he just resignates with me on a spiritual food kind of way.


Caring morally about others is wear virtues come from. The more virtuous, the more good for more people which makes a good relationship with many people. It can be very enjoyable.

I thought you said he was abusive and you were leaving him?

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