I can't believe I'm "straight edge" now...huh?

The only vice I have now is coffee. I don’t know how I found the courage to stop everything but I sure am glad I have done it. I didn’t use a 12 step program which was I thought my only way out. I was a deep end stoner and drinker. First I gave up drinking, and then I decided to give up cigarettes and finally after about 20 tries I did it. Only hurdle left to make me not want a cigarette was to stop the weed. It’s been almost two weeks going into being straight and I love it. I have money for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas will be stellar too. I can finally have savings and not be blue over money anymore. I am saving up for a Takamine 12 string guitar. after that, a really nice banjo. and after that just savings for maybe travel or something like that.