I can't believe I'll be done in time

It’s no surprise. I’ve been working on this for a while.

I finally have my 7 Ramune Soda marbles.

My sis has always wanted a ramune soda marble neckless. So I got the marbles out of the bottle, without cheating… finally. Seven of them because she was born in july.

I was going to add 21 glass beads because her birthday is the 21. So three beads each between each marble.
that will equal 7-21.

And I finally found the blue glass beads that I was looking for. They remind me of light reflecting in a swimming pool.

Now All I have to do is find some silver chain and I want to add one final touch…

So the marbles, the beads, the scallop shell made of sea glass. I think this will work out.


Love it! You have a great concept there. I know you’ll be able to execute it perfectly. Please share some pics when you’re done!

I’m sure kid sis will love it :slight_smile:



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Wow, that is going to be beautiful! Would also love to see pics of the finished product!

Wonderful idea! I’m sure she’ll love it :blush:!