I can't believe I did this - a confession

I went out with this girl for four years, and so much of the time I was with her I was wishing I was somewhere else. We just operated on different frequencies. I was on the Haldol shot at the time, and I felt like I was barely alive. I didn’t think much more of myself than if I was a worm. This girl talked constantly about the everyday business of life. A lot of people do that, but I find it tedious. To this girl, that was all life was about. It felt like she was chewing on my ear. Haldol completely removes whatever creativity I have, and I’m sure I was boring to be around too. This girl was a school teacher, but she could also be a wonderful door to door salesperson. She sticks to you, and she does tie downs like a pro, when she’s not even trying to. She’d be perfect for that job. She ought to try selling cosmetics. She was a school teacher, and I was living with my parents and delivering pizza at the time. Nowdays when someone starts chewing on my ear like that I start to drift away. There is nothing wrong with that kind of conversation, but I don’t like that. If I have to run away when someone is talking to me like that I will. I’ve never really been in this kind of relationship, but I’m pretty sure that I would have a hard time dealing with it if a girl was really goofy around me. A lot of guys have trouble with goofiness. I’ve probably passed up some otherwise great girls because of this. In this case it is me that is at fault, but I can’t change.


One of my ex’s was a frequent talker. More than a usual one.

I think those types of girls lack intimacy because everytime I kissed her she would stop talking so much.

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What do you mean by “goofiness” Crimby.

Behavior that is silly, and the silliness is too pronounced. A lot of girls like to be goofy, but some girls do that a LOT. I would have trouble dealing with that. A lot of guys are averse to goofiness. It is something more prevalent in girls.

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Oh God Crimby, I guess that counts me out for a future relationship with a male then.

To be honest, you’re good looking enough that you could get away with a lot. But if you do get married, try to understand that your behavior might bother your husband a little. There are so many foibles that have to be reconciled between people when they pair up that I’m amazed there are as many successful marriages as there are.

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Thanks Crimby. With what you have said, maybe it wasn’t my husband’s fault after all that our marriage failed. I need to take a good, hard, long look at myself. (Including at my breasts) :blush:

I think that most marriages that fail do so at the fault of the husband, but in any situation there has to be give and take on both sides. Having a husband that is closed off and unresponsive can be a drag too.

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I’m goofy :thinking:

To be honest, I did smoke a lot of weed and was raised by women.

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Alcohol would have probably ruined any stable relationship I got into. Living with an alcoholic or anyone who is addicted is its own special kind of hell. I got to where I mainly associated with my drinking buddies, and we all thought it was great fun to be slobs.

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Crimby, I will never get involved in a relationship again. I did sign up to a dating site last week as I thought I would give it a go just for old times sake. It lasted three days before I cancelled my subscription of $115.00. Someone asked me what shampoo I use, someone else asked me how much I weigh, and somebody was just too busy bragging about how many assets he owned.

Well, I wasn’t going to have any of that. Letting people know what shampoo I use! So I quit, never to return again. :blush:

I would however recommend it to others that don"t have curly hair. Have you tried a dating site Crimby?

No, because most of the time I was hopelessly unsuitable to be in a relationship. As for the shampoo, when that kind of talk goes on longer than five minutes I want to leave.

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My thoughts exactly.

I could probably get one of the girls where I live to shack up with me, but they’re a mess too. You don’t wind up in one of these places by being a marvel of social adjustment. We’d have to rely on the government to support us. There are people in these places who have all the babies they can and then rely on someone else to support them.

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This one guy told me he had nine kids by eight different mothers, but he was the type of guy who would tell a lie when the truth would serve him better.

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Okay, let’s not get into that.

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Okay. I hear you. ……. 15

It is very much the norm here in Oz too with young girls having babies to many different fathers. Not so long ago our Government was paying people to have children. $5000.00 Australian Dollars. You should have seen all the young girls (16 or 17 years of age) walking around with their pregnant bellies. All the Electrical stores were having record sales of electronic goods and dog breeders had a record number of sales.

The $5000.00 grant was supposed to provide for the baby in the form of food, clothing and setting up for the arrival of the new baby. I think the grant has been canned now for obvious reasons.

I think it would be great if here in the U.S. we made free birth control universally available. It would help us not to have to pay for raising unexpected kids. The government can never take the place of the family for nurturing kids.

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