I can't believe how hateful people are and how hateful I'm becoming too!

This is what is troubling me as I’m in premenstrual syndrome. When the bleeding starts, I will read this again and wonder why I feel in such extremes. Example of my symptoms acting up before menses:
Terrorism, hate groups, racism, sexism, bad religion, violence, domestic violence, hate speech and threats: This whole entire county I live in is so saturated with drugs, meth, people who have no conscience. I am so tired of living in this culture. Our culture has lost it’s intelligence, growth, human evolvement (de-evolving now), and when my Mom passes on, I’m gone. Either I will commit suicide or leave this miserable US. I have lived all my life in California, and I no longer support this US in it’s insanity: the political candidates, the permissive drug war, the crime, violence. etc. I need a break. Before I can get killed by some terrorist or freaking out person, I will take cyanide. I would rather die by drugs than by being murdered.

there is a a diagnosis called Menstrual Psychosis. It seems you suffer from that. Maybe ask your doc about it. There are different meds they can give at those times to help alleviate the symptoms. It has been around forever but has gotten lost recently with all the other diagnoses.
here is a study on it if you want to read or show it to your doc Menstrual Psychosis

I realized I was going into menstrual psychosis (PMDD) when my PMS alert came up on my phone. I’ve decided to keep myself inside. I also tried some music and dancing, and after this I’m at a balance, but if I go out, I can unravel again. I have to be inside and alone today. So, yes, I do have menstrual psychosis that flares up before my period, but during other times, it just simmers. I have a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder and sometimes go into psychosis, but usually mostl likely before the period and a little during the menstrual cycle. I’m also heading into menopause.

Too analytical to the mad scientist degree
Reckless feelings
Hot flashes
even homicidal