"I can't be there for you right now"

I started talking to a girl from Tinder a few weeks ago. The first week went great, we spoke on the phone every night. Then, a week ago, there was silence.

I talked to her today, and she said she’d talked about me with her shrink and discovered she doesn’t have the energy to be there for me right now.
What the heck is that supposed to mean?

She knows I’m sz, but I’ve never pushed my problems onto her.

What she’s saying is valid, but it hurts a bit that I’ve been such a burden to her without realising.

How do I avoid that happening in the future?


I don’t think you can prevent it, a professional has told her she is probably not ready for a relationship of any sort. Not much you can do about that. Just bad luck I guess.

Welcome to the struggle…Girls are stupid sometimes(as well as men), don’t be stuck on this girl, try your luck with another one. You can do exactly the same and things and you might have more luck…
It’s not your fault :wink:

You know she’s female right?

@Pikasaur dating is rough. Might be a good idea to not tell people your dx until after a few weeks.

@Pikasaur Did she knew your diagnosis from the beginning? Oh nevermind lol

Yes I do. Chasing girls is different than chasing boys. That’s why I said it…

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