I can't be a vegetarian any more

I just miss meat and my mom takes me out to eat weekly… I just can’t do it… I love veggies and will continue to eat plenty of them but I miss meat to much… Being gluten free is hard enough I see no point in depriving myself from both and gluten makes me much sicker so for now I’m just gonna be doing gluten free!


That’s ok @Twialine
Nothing wrong with eating some poultry or beef once in a while.

I eat meat but on occasion.


I did just fish and seafood for awhile. Now when I can eat I have chicken and sometimes have beef. Not often but once in awhile. It’s just a personal preference.


@FatMama. How are you feeling?? I know last time we talked you were pretty sick

@Wave thanks


Not great but have been able to eat a bit the last few days so I’m glad about that!


@FatMama. Sorry you’re not feeling well still glad you’re doing better though

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Isn’t fair that some people get to live a healthy life as a vegetarian and still have to deal with it your whole life. Just take a brake from it all boss

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@Illvoices. Wish I could just take a break from it… It’s just to hard and my mom makes it harder… I’m having to spend every weekend with her to set up the wedding and that means besides the gluten I have to eat her way

Your mom should be supportive and only take you to restaurants with vegetarian options.


@Rabbit_Farmer. Wish that was possible… Small town Arkansas… They only serve a few things without meat and a lot of the time if you say hold the meat they won’t

My mom has to eat gluten free now.

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@roxanna. I can tell you now it sucks… Gluten free subs don’t taste as the real thing does

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Hello @Twialine.

Can I Say Something To You Privately, Well Publicly, But Privately. . .

You See, During One Of My Public Manic Episodes On The Forum I Was Arguing With A Poster.

And We Were Being Cruel To Each Other. And You Came Out And Kindly Asked Us To Quit. . .

And We Kept Lashing Out At Each Other. . .

I’M SORRY. :frowning:

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace For The Trees!.

P.s. Animals Are Nice & Full Of Love!. Something To Think About!.


@ATARI. I remember and I appreciate your apology and gladly accept it!

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Well Great!.

Now That, That’s Settled Let’s Be Vegetarians TOGETHER (!!!).

I Still Eat Meat. And Don’t Know How To Start Or Where To Go. . .

We Can Conquer Thus Cruelty Against The Innocent Species Of Creation TOGETHER (!!!).

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. Animals Probably Have Dreams. . . . . . .

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@ATARI. It’s just to hard…

Okay Accepted.

Keeps It Cools (!!!).

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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What if you eat by yourself hidden in your room?

@Illvoices. Mom won’t allow it… She says it’s rude and she won’t buy any vegaterian friendly foods to keep around… Gluten free yes because she’s seen me physically sick over it but not vegaterian

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Yeah she said it’s hard to find gluten free food sometimes.

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