I can't access old archived forums


In the front page, i get error when access old archived forums
This webpage is not available
anybody else too?

sorry for bad english


I had tried to access the old forum too,it seems it’s not available,you can find information that you need on this forum or you could also visit

I visit these two mental health forum but more often this forum


I could not get the old archived forums eiher.



I need to get them back up and running - its going to take a while - I will try but my contractor has been very slow to respond.


I, for one, do not mourn losing access to the old forums. The new forum has enough content to make up for anything of value lost, the rest isn’t worth keeping.


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I think you may be overstating it; but, I am also glad that many web posts seem to disappear from easy access on the internet with time. With all of the ‘right to be forgotten’ legislation being considered in some parts of the world, maybe such things are for the best.