I cannot come up with a plan

everything is hard and impossible, at least needs alot of time.
i want to earn cash somehow
to learn something and get cash flowing in my pocket :smiley:

i cannot come up with a plan

Yeah, meds do that… is best to stick to a job, that will get you some cash and keep you busy.


But this is not life

Lol…no ■■■■…

Itis life, called low life.

But I do hope you can come up with better plan. In my situation i can not.

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Maybe I try drawing again tomorrow

But I’m not consistent

How to work on projects

News flash:

When things are fun you have to pay to do them.
When things are not fun people pay you to do them.

That last one is how employment works.

Welcome to adulting!!!


So what’s the plan

To do not fun things and suffer

It’s your choice if you suffer or not. I derive satisfaction from being good at doing a complicated job and I like getting paid well for doing it.

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Welcome to adulting.

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Looks like is best to be reversed in that matter. Have fun with what people don’t have fun with. So like this you have fun and get paid.

So @spirit_weaver to start a plan, think about what people pay for lots of money,because they do not have fun doing it.


yes but i have to pick field some interesting to me

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This is an issue for everyone. Plan: “Become a Billionaire Actor” then you say “Wow, that is too hard.”

You can make big goals, but start with the small ones and make them do-able. “I want a Job” is great, make it do-able. You don’t have to have it all figured out in some detailed plan. “I am going to fill out 6 job applications today.” Then make that smaller “I am going to fill out 3 job applications before noon.” Then make that smaller “I am going to fill out 1 job application this hour.” Go as small as you want.

When you fail at a task, don’t focus on that, focus on what you did get done.

You can do this!


Sometimes we do “not fun things” to pay for the things we want to do for fun.

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