I canceled the trip

We had a huge fight about the restaurant and I ended up canceling the trip altogether.
I am so tired.

at least I am getting a refund.


Refund spa day!:money_mouth_face:

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Yes…as long as you got a refund…, you can go another time?

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What exactly happened between you two?
I can’t imagine how a mere restaurant could cause a “huge fight” … and lead to the trip being canceled… :thinking:


one thing led to another… I wanted to plan our trip together because we were supposed to leave in 2 days. He got angry, because he is very tired from work and want me to leave him alone. I said I booked a restaurant, he said it looks awful. I said go ■■■■ yourself and I am not obliged to tolerate you and you should quit your job.

Oh geez… :astonished:

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I see. He is a man on a mission. All he knows is job job job.

That reminds me of a possible quote by Carl Gauss, a great mathematician from the 18th century. He was once interrupted in the middle of a problem and told that his wife was dying. He is purported to have said, “Tell her to wait a moment till I’m done.”

You both deserve a vacation. Too bad he is such a blockhead sometimes…

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I’m sorry @mermaid1

Use your refund to get yourself something nice,

Maybe even something nice for jackass?

Fights are hard on both sides of the fence.

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