I can think of a couple of people who

I can think of a couple of people who were great writers and who committed suicide - Earnest Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson. I think of both of these guys as titans in literature, especially Hemingway. He lived what I would consider a perfect life. He had respect, acclaim, and beautiful women, and he still blew his brains out when he was 62. I can kind of see it in his work, though. There is an emotional desolation in some of his best stories. F. Scott Fitzgerald didn’t commit suicide, but he drank himself to death, and he was pretty miserable towards the end of his life. His writing is so elegant and poignant, though. A good poem about this theme is “Richard Cory”. A lot of the people on here have already read it. I don’t know who wrote it, but it is worth reading.

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Richard Corey is one of my dad’s favorites, but he can’t remember the title, so I remember for him because he’ll inevitably ask about it, lol.

Sylvia Plath, too.


Why did Hemingway commit suicide? Did he suffer from depression? interesting thread

Hemingway and Thompson also drank too much. I want to start the New year off right not romanticising people who killed themselves. I just got up, it’s dawn here. I didn’t drink last night, I can’t take it. I wanted to sleep more but ate, drank coffee, and cold water, then sharpened my sword ready for the fight. Now I just have to void my bladder and step outside.

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