I can’t sleep on risperidone. What do I do?

Have you tried mirtazapine (remeron) that’s really helped me 12 hours a night. I take latuda and Paliperidone.

I’m no doctor so I can’t give you the proper advice but when I read the list of atypical I read that one antipsychotic stand out from most others in regards to sedation and that’s Asenapine( Saphris or Sycrest).
When.I was on Risperidone I had exactly like you bad Insomnia but Ziprasidone was by far the worst for sleep. Don’t waste your life on dons do the pines instead.

Oh no I was just prescribed ziprasidone! I’ve been looking into it & I don’t think I want to be on it. I just want to sleep peacefully.

Rexulti has lower risk profile than risperidobe and it makes you sleepy too

Now were you’ve been prescribed Ziprasidone please give it a month to work to see if you don’t sleep after all. Response is very individually so maybe Ziprasidone will give you a quiet refreshing sleep you know response differs from person to person. If it causes you to get insomnia then just say to your doctor that you are done with the Dones and wanna try the Pines.
The only reason I responded to you thread was that my cognition got crashed from a mixture of antipsychotics I just didn’t tolerate.
I hope you soon will sleep well again. People who never have been kept awake from an antipsychotic can’t relate to how terrible that is.
I’ll be your friend in the fight against antipsychotic induced insomnia.

Hey! I know this is an older thread but I was looking on here & saw you had insomnia from invega? Did it get better without sedatives? I’m still hardly sleeping from risperidone. I’ve been off going on 2 months & still have insomnia

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Yes it got better in about a month, I did have to take mirtazapine to help with sleep though.

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Wow only a month? That’s great. I’m going on 2 months now & no sleep aids work for me unfortunately

This is the first time I write in this Forum in a month… I went into a very bad psychosis after quitting Seroquel and now I’m finally back on 800 mg of qutiapine and there I’ll stay for all future. I consider myself for treatment resistant because I use two antipsychotics at max doses. I regret my choice of the former username Colombus because most letters in the name are initials of all the wellknown narcotics and I really never did drugs besides of cigs and buzz.

I sleep between 4 and 10 hours on my two antipsychotics. When I took 3 antipsychotics at the same time they kept me awake 37 hours and then sleep for 12 hours.

I highly recommend Sleep Hygiene practices. Just Google Sleep Hygiene Practices and follow as many of the recommendations as you can. I myself instituted all of them and it’s working beautifully for me now. I now get 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night and wake up refreshed every morning. @Swimming_fox99

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Well when I was off risperidone I couldn’t sleep either, then I relapsed, insomnia is a good predictor of relapse

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When I went of for my sleep study appointment, the doctor said most sleep problems were mental. At least I think thats what she said. Mine are most likely sleep apnea however.