‘I can’t live on $709 a month’: Americans on social security push for its

Even if I didn’t earn much for myself, many many people did and this money is there to protect them like a safety net. You never know what crisis will come to you and make you end on this route, but if you paid in or if your parents and grandparents paid in, then to me that means you deserve to be on it.

I know I don’t make much on it because I couldn’t work from depression and pre onset schizophrenia, but that isn’t taken into account for what I earn either, so I make the minimum. If I made more I might be able to afford an apartment but most likely I’d still be dependant on housing programs.

I just want to be able to see a future for myself. I don’t think I’m a leach I tried working after I failed out of college, I tried really hard to excel at my job and I even ended up with a lasting injury due to over work.

Its not fair to call people lazy. They do what they can I pray at least they do. I know that the current economic system feels like a treadmill but I can’t help that. I don’t feel like I’ve won a lottery for being able to skip work either.

Share some compassion, understand that this isn’t an ideal situation for anyone, and that while I may be benefiting from your labor I am also not going around crazy off my meds causing the town to smell of human feces causing diseases, and lowering moral by being a tragic lost person. Please just accept that this really is a kindness that is earned.

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Tell me why is it necessary to help those in need? You know following the law, if you see someone drowning and you refused to save him and he died, you are not committing a crime .

Where is the freedom of choice that is preached so much by the western countries if people have to be forced into helping others.

It’s great that countries like Singapore actually links social welfare and aid to work and other effort and teaches us in school how the welfare system of Britain fails and causes its economy to plunge.

If you earn your welfare benefit, you deserve it. On the other hand, if you didn’t work and expect handout at a very young age, you don’t really deserve your welfare benefit. Providing you with bare minimum for medicine and food is already being kind enough, giving you a place to stay is being nice and you shouldn’t be picky about where you are staying. I know of people with schizophrenia in my country staying together with other people to split the rent


“A rising tide lifts all ships.”

Also, don’t be a dick.


If you’re really asking those questions seriously, then you should know the dangers of impressionable young folk willing to do anything to survive, having young people in society who cannot function normally disrupts the system. Its efficient to help. If you lack the character to see even that compassion under compulsion is necessary then you also know that society isn’t innocent, it is selfish. Society binds us all in chains so that it may go on. Preach on about what is owed and what isn’t. It doesn’t matter. Its just easier for society to pay for the lesser costs of having a less disrupted system.

There is no doubt, the system is broken. But the social safety net doesn’t just exist for people to abuse. We’re talking about people who are legitimately disabled. There’s a big difference

I worked for 20 years as a welder, spray painter, computer programmer and manager. I don’t begrudge a single person who is on disability benefits, that needs societies help. That’s one of the few examples of my tax dollars going to a good cause.

Is the system abused,? Yes. Does that mean you take support away from those who need it? No