I can’t hold a job and life stuff

I walked off my job today. It could be from illness or I just don’t have a work ethic. I get overwhelmed easily. Before my illness I could hold a job. It seems now the moment I get overwhelmed I just walk off. I’ve also never responded to criticism well either. This was an easy job too — Taco Bell.

My mom is too soft on me. I walk in and she doesn’t chew my ass or nothing. It’s easy to tell she is pissed off though. I need somebody to force me to keep a job.

I’ll be ok financially cause I get SS and only have to pay half the bills. The problem is my mom wants my whole check.

I can relate. I can’t keep a job either. Before my illness, the longest I ever kept a job was one year. After my illness the longest was 2 months. I don’t know what it is. Maybe its because I have disability cheque so its like subconciously I know I can survive on the cheque. So when the job gets difficult or I get overwhelmed I just walk out; knowing I will be okay financially. I just give up too easily. I don’t have good social skills either and I am also very nervous around people. I have tried so many customer service jobs and just ended up quitting from nerves and anxiety. I don’t think I will be working again. I may try cleaning under the table but thats it. I don’t think its fair that your mom wants all your cheque. Half should be reasonable. Thats how much I pay my mom.

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When I first got diagnosed I could not keep up with college. I was getting stoned at the time though and I know that stuff makes you lazy as ■■■■. If you cant keep a simple job like that maybe you need to get to a better place mentally before you try working again.

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