I can’t go off the shots :(

i thought i could but nope

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bummer! so they will up your clozapine does but keep the shot also?

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yeah :confused: then after that im going back in the foster home


Why did you have to go to a foster home?

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because i threatened my doc (i know stupid)

How old are you?

  1. Why? :confused:

I think, when you get older, your problems will become better…

I hope that :confused:

Shots are good. you dont have to remember to take pills


I still have to remember to take the clozapine :confused:

Did you get Haldol shot?

No, Abilify Maintena injection

How often do you get shots?

Every 3 weeks its normally every 4 weeks

My pDoc gave me options of shots vs pills. I was afraid of the shots.

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Which shot did he offer

Clozapine, and I would have to get regular bloodwork. I said no.

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Man that sucks you have to be on both. God I hate being a child. Sorry to hear that.

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