I can only speak for myself but

To me schizophrenia was just a terrible coping tool for me.

Like I feel I have insight into how I developed it from abuse and trauma, and I used schizophrenia to cope with abuse and trauma. And it backfired and made everything a billion times worse.

Even if I thought my delusions and fantasy world were helping at the time. Because I didn’t know any better.

And every touch of grey has a silver lining.


I feel it’s like my mind developed schizophrenia because I couldn’t handle reality the way it is.

But then, becoming schizophrenic, that’s a reality that was REALLY tough to handle.

Maybe genetically there is some explanation for schizophrenia. Maybe when we evolved to humans there was some purpose of schizophrenia. Even if just to help the individual cope.

I’m afraid we’ve stigmatized it and outlawed schizophrenics from society due to EPIgenetic evolution or de-evolution. But genetically we haven’t changed much in the same time.

But I could be wrong.


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