I can ‘feel’ the word people want to say to me

It’s pretentious. The word everyone despises.

But I’ll see that word, and raise you one: maybe I’m downright a true dictionary example of “perverse”.

I feel fraudulent bc I’m paranoid as SIN; but I speak INCESSANTLY. It’s capitulating in so many ways though and I relate to as realism. Something with nutritional valuable. The thought process keeps me afloat anyway, but maybe it’s in need of feedback. Or checks sometimes.

But I’m probably never going to have daysvin the sun, bc people love verbal Kung fu, hoisting petards, using energy against you, and being clever.

But back to the word “perverse” bc people don’t care for that one either but: When I was 16 and only 364 days old I drove my car around the block. It was risk, with no chance of reward. Only feeling different/special internally. maybe I can break that pattern now that I have more vocabulary.

And the famous Aha song is “my song” more than it is to some of my contemporaries, as in “it’s no better to be safe, than sorry’.

(song of a generation of shiny happy flip cup players…

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