I can feel my wife’s frustration and Don’t feel love

She talks with me more or less a little frustrated,and I can sense she doesn’t felt loved enough by her husband.I don’t blame myself,because I chose her,but she chose me too.She’s a socialable person,wakes up early morning,that’s a good thing,but I am different.I am mostly tired,lack social energy.At first I don’t see her as my gf because our culture is different and she works as a maid for my uncle,but I accepted this because I felt I have got no more choices and people didn’t like me as a person much,now I still feel I am not likeable because my energy,social level is low.

If she like to stick with me,I’ll be very happy,but if she’s unhappy and want to leave I’ll let her go because I hate holding on someone while she’s not perfectly ok with me.Part of reason she’s married me is because my family can provide her with a good life,no need to worry for clothes,food or shelter.If all she bet on is this part,I don’t think our relationship will last long,or if it did last,she would not be able to lived 100% happy.People are always looking for more,to upgrade and to be happier…same as me,but I won’t do anything that will destroy our relationship,just like I won’t see other woman or have sex with another woman if she stay with me and not leaved me


This is a book that has been helpful to my wife and I:

Suggest giving it a try.



Inadequacy is an awful feeling, I think that you should just be happy that you have found someone you love instead of looking at the negative side of the situation. Even if you do split up, at least you had good times and were happy together, even if it didn’t last. I think looking at the worst outcomes in the situation really wont help as nothing would come out of it. Has she given you any reason to think this way?

She always said:”I am so regret why I choose/marry you”.I think this sentence came out of her mouth more then 10 times in the past 3 month

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You should tell her that she needs to stop saying that.

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I have never mention anything about regret or not loving her.There is just this once where we had a huge quarrelled that I showed I didn’t loved her as much.After that,I was back to normal and had always love her,in my heart


Oh,I haven’t said that…I hate controlling people,and dislike telling people what to do,that’s a huge weakness of mine and it’s my own fault.I love to give freedom to others…but I get your advice and it would work very well if it’s someone else and not me :frowning:

That’s also the reason I probably couldn’t make it in the management…which I need to change,but saying it is easier then doing it

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I wouldn’t see it as controlling her, but if you disagree or dislike something about what someone said, you should probably tell her why you feel like that. I mean it is obviously upsetting to you her saying that so you have the right to point out to her why it is wrong of her to say it.

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Yes…she likes touching my nipple(I am a man),I really felt annoyed by this…I don’t know why

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lol that is pretty strange.

Men are always looking for women whose social financial status is lower than their own. This is the situation with your Filipino wife. If you want to upgrade to a more beautiful wife then you’ll have to divorce your first wife. Fortunately, you and your current wife don’t have children yet so this is possible; however, other people in particular other family members will know you will have been divorced once which is bad for you. There is extreme heartache, emotional pain and sad memories if you divorce your first wife. Isn’t sex with your Filipino wife great or not good enough?

I’m sorry you’re going through this. I’ve heard that the first year of marriage is the hardest.

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I am contend with her as wife partner

Not even thinking of changing wife with all the mental health issue going on my life,happy enough to keep her and not leave

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I say stick with it.

Carefully confront any problems that arise and negotiate a solution. Gently ask her why she is upset and find a solution that involves you staying together. Both of you need to give something and if you communicate a lot then you will know what the other is giving.

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