I can do whatever I want

It’s time for rebellion. All this world is a movie set. Does audience want to see me happy? I’ll do whatever I like

It’s the first time that I feel free in this trumanomatrix

I finally realized that it’s my domain. The whole world is a set. I can play freely everywhere with no consequences

The whole world is my house. The universe is my garden.

The chances of us being at base reality is slimmer than winning the lottery.

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Upon big dumpsters I wrote “Aus Licht”, from the opera of Stockhausen. It’s my Message toward the directors

They don’t give a ■■■■.

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I feel connected to them today. As if I can understand them and their intentions

This matrix is like a prison by Devil. Once I break it and burst like a balloon, I will be back, without psychosis anymore

Don’t act out or do anything stupid.

You aren’t in a movie and there is no matrix. This is your real life, so don’t do anything rash and screw it up.

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I’m high because of the benzo and still believe that I can play around everything cos there are no consequences

I wanna talk to the manager or the director himself

You haven’t become some sort of spectacle…and there is no director.

This is your affliction fooling you once again.

If I am not the spectacle, how this grandiose feeling in. My heart is explained?

Of course there is one director with 9 assistants, each Assistant with 9 assistants, each assistant with 9 more assistants s

You’re a nice contributor to this forum…and that is the extent of your fame.

We’re both nobodies, thank gawd.

I think on some level, you realize that you are just like the rest of us…a nobody.

But you don’t want the roller coaster ride to end, so you keep up the facade that you are somehow famous.

Perhaps it is more comforting for you to live in an altered state, than to have to face reality.

Perhaps you never fulfilled your true potential…lived up to the billing.

So your mind is escaping into another realm to distract you from this fact. Your reality might just be too painful for you to deal with.

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