I can control the weather

Look okay. I swear to god I’m not delusional. Don’t laugh at me.

It’s been the most mildest winter I’ve seen living here my whole life. (In comparison other years we’ve had 4 feet of snow that stayed for months)

It has snowed 6 times this whole winter. Random dates too. Once in November. Twice in December. Once in January, Once in February and once tonight.

Each time (I shit you not) I have predicted it, wished it, whatever.

In November it was raining constantly. I was very depressed. I was out smoking with my boyfriend and said something about how I wished it would snow, that it would cheer me up. It started snowing less then 20 minutes later.

In December there was no snow almost all month. I complained that it wouldn’t feel like Christmas unless it was snowy out.

On Christmas Eve we watched elf and I told my boyfriend ‘it better snow outside or else I’m not getting up in the morning’ when the movie was over and we were ready for bed it was snowing like crazy out! My boyfriend was excited, he said I should try again tomorrow.

On Christmas there was no snow all day. The snow from the previous night melted by midday (I did get my snowy Christmas morning like I wanted)

That night we watched the nightmare before Christmas. My boyfriend asked me if I still thought it would snow. I said of course!! Next thing you know- snow.

So I understand that snow in December is common. At this time I wasn’t convinced I was controlling the weather. However I never did look at the weather forecast and it only snowed the two days I wanted it too which was a little strange.

January it snowed once. I told my dad I wanted to sled if it snowed more this winter, so he bought me one and surprised me with it.

It hasn’t snowed in quite some time. It was unseasonably hot out. Sunny, felt like spring. I’ll just blame that on climate change.

Anyways, my dad brings me this sled, and I thank him, and he says ‘you better wish that it’ll snow for you’ later that day I showed my boyfriend what I got and he says ‘make it snow so we can go try it out tonight’ I said something along the lines of ‘of course I will’

That evening it snowed. Enough for us to go sledding. By this point my boyfriend is impressed with how I could predict weather.

February it got weird. Really weird. My boyfriend and I are outside walking. We were talking about my birthday, and how my favourite birthdays was when it snowed.

He asks me what my birthday wish was. I thought for some time. I decided my wish was for it to snow.

So we’re walking, and it’s raining. My boyfriend was teasing me about how it would rain all day and I would have an unlucky birthday. I said ■■■■ no. He said well look, it’s pouring rain out!

I said, no it’s snowing. Watch. He started to laugh because it clearly wasn’t snowing out and before he could say anything it started to snow like CRAZY!!! that was the only time it snowed in February. This was a really cool yet somewhat scary feeling for me. We were both pretty amazed.

So now, let’s talk about today. It hasn’t snowed for over a month. Not to mention snow in March is rare, even where I live. Snow in the end of March is even more rare, almost unheard of. I’ve personally never seen this happen where I live in my life.

Today for some reason, I talking about snow. I said to my boyfriend I was upset that it hadn’t snowed much that winter, and now it was spring I was disappointed I didn’t get to play in the snow more.

We were walking outside, I looked at the mountains surrounding us, they were green. I said something about how cool it would be to see the mountains slowly change from green to white, since I’ve only ever seen it one way or the other.

My boyfriend said well if you control the weather make it snow again. At this time it’s literally spring, almost the last week of March. I said ‘okay sure’ somewhat sarcastically. Because, snow in march? Highly highly unlikely.

It started snowing. I ■■■■ you not. I asked my boyfriend ‘be honest with me, do you think I can control the weather.’ He said ‘yes, I really do believe it chels’ we were both very excited.

It’s almost like witnessing magic with your own eyes. I’m a witch and even I know that things like that aren’t normal. Magic is an invisible thing, more like energy you put out into the world and you hope there’s a positive outcome. It is not like Harry Potter and cool lights coming out of a wand.

So please, can somebody try and explain this to me? Every time it snowed this year I wished it to. I never saw the weather forecast, never saw small snowflakes and subconsciously made myself think I did it.

Generally it was clear out. No clouds. Once it was raining. After talking about snow it comes almost immediately, an hour max.

I have never wished it to snowed and it didn’t, and it never snowed without me wishing. How is this logically possible? I mean, wouldn’t there be a tiny percentage that I could guess every time it snowed this year?

Is it just coincidence? I really don’t think so. I’m not lying either. I have kept records of everytime this has happened.

How would you talk yourself out of this ‘delusion’ knowing that 100% of the time, you predicted snow this winter? Also the fact that other completely sane people think I must have some weather powers?

The thing that got me was when we were walking outside and I told it to snow and it immediately started snowing. It was so crazy. I never thought that would happen, it makes things harder to believe it’s just a ‘delusion’

I know this is long winded. But don’t you dare tell me I’m delusional without reading all of this. It’s rude to just assume someone’s delusional without hearing their side of the story. So I don’t want to hear your opinion if you haven’t read what’s happened to me.

I don’t care if I only get one or two replies. It would be much better then the standard ■■■■■■■ question ‘are you on medication??’ everytime somebody expresses a view that’s not normal. That’s the most annoying thing someone could say, and I see it here all the time.


I didn’t read it all. That’s like 4 novels. Make it snow in July and I’ll believe you. Otherwise, it’s all coincidence. Staggeringly cool, but you don’t have super powers.


Was gonna write the same thing… :slight_smile:


You had my problem, I thought I could control the weather too, these are just random coincidences. If its summer ask for snow, if it happens then I believe you.


Coincidences. And delusions. Take your meds please


Whatever. What the ■■■■ ever.


This is a recovery forum. You know that. This section isn’t here to find people to agree with you. It’s to find people to help you overcome your delusions and confusing thoughts.


DONT YOU DARE TELL ME TO TAKE MY MEDS!! Did you not ■■■■■■■ read that I specifically said for nobody to say that.

I’m sick of hearing that every ■■■■■■■ post. I TAKE MY MEDS EVERYDAY. I swear to god I get so sick of this forum sometimes.


@LED did you even get to read this? Huh?

Are you taking medication?

No need to get angry. Meds are always the right answer no matter what the question is.


No. But it doesn’t change the fact that if you believe you control the weather you’re delusional.


i think the Russians have invented a weather machine and is ■■■■■■■ with us all :joy::joy::joy:

we are supposed to be getting the beast from the east part 3 this easter weekend :joy::joy::joy: i swear to god you cant make this ■■■■ up haha

I believe that there are weaponized space satellites controlled by the 3 space powers being the US, Russia and China. These satellites cause earthquakes but I have no proof and few would believe me.

So, whatever… life goes on.

There are ways to control the weather. For example putin used it in a rainy day in order to have a parade

Supposedly the winter storm that hit the UK was caused by the Russians but who knows and no sane person really cares.

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thats why we are sick, bc we care about things too much, we are hyper carers

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I’m logging off for the day. If nobody wants to be nice and everyone is treating me like a child I’m not interested in being involved.

If someone would like to nicely tell me why this is a delusion even though I’ve predicted snow 100% of the time this winter that would be great.

I’m not ■■■■■■■ saying I’m convinced I’m controlling the weather. Obviously that sounds like ■■■■■■ up thinking. But what else can I think when this happened?

I’m not reading anyone’s else’s replies today. Im pissed off that two people have specifically done what I told them not to do.

Next time, make sure you read the bottom text. I put it there for the people who scroll throzugh without reading. Holyfuck.

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Maybe you should put it at the top next time.

We care because we have nothing else better to do. I need a day job and get away from this stuff.