I can also write jokes but I find this more entertaining

I think people would pay more to be persuaded (brainwashed) than they would for other entertainment. if you ever hear the government, an advertisement or a religion talking like this get away, because it works. it’s used on you every day.

An example of persuasion.

You are sitting there “knowing” a beach front house is better than an in ground pool mostly because of lies in movies and on television. Remember that part because I’m about to influence you with some facts. It doesn’t take a long time either.

imagine you feel a warmth go over your entire body as it relaxes you from head to toe, your head is on a soft perfect little cloud where you float. you’re on a soft raft floating in a pool, completely relaxed, drifting around the pool as you drift off to sleep.

Which would you rather have? the cool clean safe relaxing in ground pool OR the ocean which has poisonous arsenic that causes vomiting all your lunch up eww, abdominal pain that makes it difficult to sleep or move, encephalopathy that gives you a severe headache and watery diarrhea that contains blood. And toxic mercury that causes muscle weakness making it difficult to move, poor coordination that could make you drop something heavy on your foot or stub your toe ouch, numbness in the hands and feet, skin rashes, memory problems like not being able to remember loved ones, trouble speaking, trouble hearing and trouble seeing, imagine you’re suddenly blind, that doesn’t feel good. And radioactive caesium which causes damage to dna, vomiting your stomach acid up damaging your teeth, nausea which means you can’t eat, headaches that make it difficult to think and low blood counts which cause sickening infections and throbbing cancers. And saltwater that prematurely ages you by drying out the skin, think of what it will be like to look in the mirror and you look 10 years older than you are. And sharks that bite off arms, legs, hands, feet and even kill, try picturing yourself reaching to grab a beer with a stump forgetting a shark bit it off, oh no. And jellyfish stings that cause intense pain. And used condoms on the beach left by the intravenous drug users which may or may not be infected, imagine having herpes or HIV. And used syringes on the beach that may or may not be infected with HIV, hepatitis, syphilis or other STDs that you step on accidentally pricking your foot. STD infection rates are also higher near the coasts, nationally 1 in 3 people have an STD but it’s even higher near the coasts, you wouldn’t want to have sex with a hooker would you? then why have sex with people with STDs? And undertow to suffocate you as you drown gasping for air breathing in water into your lungs. And flesh eating bacteria that causes an incurable painful death eating you alive. And parasites that attack your brain or genitals. And hurricanes which destroy everything you love and own, think of what it would be like to be all alone with nothing.with how expensive the beach is all that money wasted could be spent building an in ground pool that increases property value. remember when you hurt or kill yourself by going to the beach you also hurt those who love you.

An in ground pool sounds better than a beach front house right now doesn’t it?

It’s that easy to change your mind about anything.


The point of this exercise was what again? :confused:


Wall of text… Helpful thing the space bar is.



one time in Iowa City, a female friend of mine, Cal

and I were learning to play guitar at the Christian Newman Center

we sat along the river playing them
and we made up a song on Earth Day
that went like this:

This is our Earth don’t you forget it
there’s needles on the shore
This is our Earth don’t you forget it
and if you want it you gotta give
you gotta give more

we walked around to various bars on Earth Day
and they let us play and sing the song
to all these drunk people

good times

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I wonder what the hell ever happened to my friend, Cal

I lost her as a friend when I started dating Dave

and sealed it when I got pregnant with his baby

I love music, even tried to figure out music theory but with YouTube I think musicians gave up trying to make money with music. you sell a million records you get a million dollars but get a million views on YouTube and it’s $2000-$3000. it’s really noticable how good music just stop being mass produced. lately I’ve been looking at chord notes and how it relates to chord progression and guitar solos. also synched sounds like autotune and rhyming words. music sounds alot better on caffeine or a few beers. from what I’ve noticed chords that go together the first one will be like a c e and the second one will be like f a b and they just progressively move forward like that but I haven’t had access to a guitar to figure out if a c e f a b notes on a string or two make a wicked solo. the lyrics themselves seem to be empathetic or sympathetic in nature but I suck at writing lyrics. even hardcore gangster rap music seems to just empathize with criminals. the song facts website is pretty neat how they tell the story behind the song. the rhyming dictionaries are pretty neat for writing jokes and songs. I like Pearl jam and the goo Goo Dolls the most. ever listened to music from other countries? it’s like they have a totally different music theory!


I have npr world music

Not sure where dead can dance comes from

Do you remember red balloons

It was played on radio

In German

And my kids were drilled with classical

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And of course I loved Serena

Lots of people were pissed when bands like everything but the girl

And The cure went commercial

Rem early alternative

Now they’re all radio

never heard red balloon. you mean black balloon by goo goo Dolls? the notes are determined by frequency of vibration which is just how fast the repitition is. so beats are a big part of it I think. I’d love to hear someone’s opinion who can write music like you. sorry for ranting but I took 2 caffeine pills today so I’m wired. music isn’t really my area of expertise. but I’m interested in it because I like the psychology behind it, it’s kind of hypnotic. I just figure if it has to do with the mind I’ve learned to read in between the lines because nothing is ever what it seems because the truth is weapons grade information. like psychology lies about what causes crying, they say they don’t know what makes a joke funny, they misinform about hypnosis, they know schizophrenia is telepathy. jokes are like a yin yang, they have a pleasure and a similar pain and the pleasure is said to be painful and the pain is said to be pleasureful. so I don’t expect them to tell the truth about music.


try searching for 99 of them


I’m still waiting for the book review of the OP’s post, before reading.

just kidding.


@sirBoring the mods may not appreciate your humor but I do.

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I don’t see anything wrong with doing things for money. i would use my knowledge if I could, maybe i’d write a hyonotic pizza hut ad like “imagine salty oily pepperoni pizza touching your tongue.” maybe I’d write anti drunk driving ads. maybe I’d write speeches. maybe I’d write propaganda.

I think music even by punk bands is overpriced. Nirvanas first album cost $700 to record, plus a little time and cost of instruments and I bet it made millions of dollars. figure a punk band spends $5000 recording on everything. they sell way more than 5,000 copies and it’s not at a few bucks a piece, it’s $10- $15 a piece. I bet even the punk bands are complaining about Pandora internet radio and satellite radio licensing fees like everyone else. since the money in music disappeared so have punk bands. just like the internet did away with buying a newspaper.

there is now a device that controls the mind that is so small it fits in your pocket. ever heard of it? it’s called money!

I hate it when people scam other people though. I hate lies. if you’re going to manipulate someone at least be honest. everyone has their own method of controlling people. but it’s always the lies that end up hurting people.


thanks dude. the mods do appreciate my humor, most of the time. but sometimes I go a little too far though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just like warriors must prepare for battle I must buy quilted toilet paper after eating burrito.

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to explain what I did, Sigmund Freud said we seek pleasure and avoid pain. to be more accurate people seek pleasure and avoid losing pleasure (it’s the ultimate pain, it’s what makes us cry).

so people make choices to put that into real life situations and if they are truthfully told they are picking between getting pleasure and losing pleasure they will pick getting pleasure.

but I wanted it to be fool proof so I just said the alternative choice was losing many pleasures and what I was suggesting was safe and relaxing.