I can affect people

I can affect people whether its face to face, in a group, walking by on the street or in a store, people on live tv, people in cars driving along side me, if I can hear them and what they’re doing I bother them, it doesn’t matter, my vibe my aura my presence is always there with me and everyone is affected by it I have a magnetism, and I draw in others to my world of emotion and thought when ever my 5 senses are activated by them if I know someones there I turn on this sort of anxiety and I start affecting, I just wish I didn’t have this affect on people but it’s just the way it goes you got to get with the collective consciousness and sync with others I guess, cause sometimes I don’t affect or affect in a positive way and I’m working towards more of that

Yes, we schizophrenics think we are the center of the universe.


Yes, you have appropriately listed an unusual belief, although, as Nick points, many schizophrenics have come across elements of similar ideas in their own heads. I know I have had ideas like these.

For further study, look up “ideas of reference”.


good to hear ya I just had my first break psychotic breakdown due to thinking I was christ and that I was affecting the entire world and everyone in it with my thoughts and emotions, so center of the universe ur right haha

Seriously, just remember you aren’t!

ya ive already gotten away from that idea i dont think that anymore