I came up with a cure for COVID

and ran it by the dean of our medical school after class today for him to disprove it and tell me where I was wrong so I could better understand and learn from it. But to my surprise he said my crazy idea is legit and would work. He even went onto say that some countries are already implementing it, lessening the fatality rate. Saying it will be the next standard of care in the months to come. I felt super smart for a minute, but I did get a D on my mid term block exam on monday. So still not smart and lacking common sence, but felt good for a minute and this experience is driving me to want to try harder

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What was your idea?

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Yeah what’s your idea?
The suspense is killing me! :smile:

hold on im in class right now, give me a few its a long explination

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@ninjastar @Wave
You take patient A who has survived and recovered from COVID. You take the antibodies in the blood specific to the virus. Then you take patient B who is activly suffering from the virus. He will have high white blood cell counts partiularly T cells. You take his blood, spin it down and remove the WBC, then you take the antibodies from patient A and in addition take pleurotopoeitent embryonic stem cells from sheep umbilicus and create a stew coctail allowing the antibodies to program and teach the T cells, then giving them a vesicle or replication with the stem cells. Inject that back into the patient. The now armed immune and stem cells will go directly to the virus, killing it and rebuilding the lungs lessening the fibrosis that has resulted from the necrosis and apoptosis.


Ask him about schizophrenia. Ask him if it’s a virus lol!


Kudos to you man.

I think vaxart will come up with an effective, more efficient vaccine for the notorious, which may have applications for schizophrenia. I felt like i was told this in a dream it was legit too. Sort of psychic powers. Its more of a temporary thing though…probably have to take it repeatedly but it loses its effective or you become resistant. I also think vaxart is a +$100 stock.

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I didn’t understand all of that, but I do know my city’s university hospital was asking for plasma donors from people who beat covid so they could put the plasma in sick patients and see if it helped. Is that a similar idea?

in a nutshell but they could also be using it for invitro purposes to run experiments for drugs and vaccines so not sure. Their attacking the virus from all angles. what city country do you live in?

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Even if you came up with the idea or found a way to do it yourself, you would get screwed and not make any money. Im a pessimistic person. Seems like government /media pick the winners and losers. The corporations, billionaires, countries, and even the “persecuted” underdog gets picked. They also steal things and people go missing or the truth of the matter takes decades to be known in the media and a fraction of the population figures it out or remembers.

Just my 2 cents.

I feel big, disruptive ideas should be released to the creative commons. Just idealistic though.


If you want to get technical, edward jenner came up with the idea back with the fist vaccine ever made to treat smallpox back in the 1900’s or something. Only difference is my explanation uses embryonic stemcells in addition But still, other scientists came to the same conclusion as well. Eithter way i dont care about the money, just the cure. My teacher did approach me tho and wants me to start down the road with the faculty to publish a paper on it in pubmed. Pretty stoked about that


I agree 100 percent

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