I came back earlier, Inaugural address

No not you @mjseu, all good with you.

my beef is with sugarcoatedtruths way out generalizations and personal attack on me, now the coward wont respond.
Seems like a troll to me, to not stick around after stiring up a load of crap.

That seems much harder to me. Sesame street was teaching this.

what question do you have now?

You really don’t read the posts do you.

I’m not telling you where I live.

Yeah, I guess there are a million ways to skin a cat. Different people use different little tricks.

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I do not believe that there are a million ways … why would you ever like to skin a cat?

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Jeez, your a :smile_cat:
You can personally attack me with your generalizations and poor Spanish, but your afraid to habla your pais?
You are not worth responding to.
I respectfully decline any more conversation with you.

where do you live?

and it’s you’re not your.

@Csummers @anon30865512. Both of your Spanish language skills need work. :smile:


It is funny, back in the 1990s my life in America was totally different, I received materials from Bill Clinton’s Department of Commerce … things were so different and then I became ill …

Sometimes just ordinary sales women at stores are quite smart here, I visited my store again very quickly and met the same sales woman as earlier, I told her that I am communicating with Americans daily on the Internet and then she just said that we must wait and see how the Trump administration will be … she is smart, we are here in Eastern Finland.

I believe trump is going to put us to work and rehabilitate us.

Trump will make us strong.

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