I bought a new bass guitar!

Going to jam it out !!

Bass is a pretty cool instrument !!


Cheers dude! I always had fun with my bass

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Yea man i have always played guitar, so its like first time on bass, very fun dude!!

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Over what tunes are you gonna jam ?

I dunno what u mean sir…

But i love making my music, like folk rock cross punk rock i suppose !!


That’s awesome man! What kind of bass is it? I have a Yamaha bass that I love to death it sounds so nice and clean


I actually saw a Yamaha at the shop and it looked fuggen amazing !! It was abit pricey though…

I Got another Ibanez !!

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Ibanez makes great basses imo! Would you mind posting a pic? I wanna see it :slight_smile:

Yea i will just now :slight_smile:

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