I bought a defective iPhone!


Just got a new iPhone 6S Plus and the thing is defective!

I spent 300 bucks on the phone and cellular data doesn’t work!

I called my cellular provider and they told me I can swap for another 6S iPhone but I told her that I needed to think about it.

I might not get another Apple product.
I might go for an Android.

I’m pissed!


Go Android. :wink::wink::blush::yum::yum:


I’m sorry :frowning:
When my iPhone stopped holding a charge Apple replaced it for me for free.


I’m a big fan of the Pixel phones.


And if you want a good budget phone the Nokia 6 is really good.


Yeah I’ve heard apple are pretty good if it’s a defective product. Heard a lot of good stories!


I’ve thought about it and I might just swap for another 6S Plus iPhone.


Android does everything iPhone does, but cheaper. Even their appearances is catching up to iPhone’s, they are starting to look just as expensive.


I read like this the title:
“I bought a DETECTIVE iPhone” :male_detective:


Sounds like a delusion


No i think it was a hallucination :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you do go for the pixel , the new pixel 3 isn’t worth the money. Go for the older model. Both the 2 and the 2xl have superb battery and the camera is outstanding :smile: sorry I’m so happy with mine.


Fair enough …


Did you also get one ?


Huawei is a good deal, the battery is long running, the design is good and it’s cheap plus is very advanced in the smartphone world.
Its the third smartphone provider in the world.

I have a huawei p smart and it was 200 dollars, I love it


I also have a Huawei :slight_smile:


Which one? 15151525


Huawei P10 lite
Ca dupa buzunar frate :smile:


It’s much better than mine


This is funny :smile: . I’ve always wanted to use that emoji. But I can never find an appropriate use.