I bought a bike

i bought a bike, and hopefully i am going to ride it to my college on Monday and then to on Tuesday to my creative writing group that is starting. about 4/5 miles each :slight_smile:

bit worried about anxiety though x


Great, bicycle riding is great, I do not have currently a bike because all my bikes broke. Maybe I’ll get a new one later.

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i need to get some cycling shorts and wet weather gear, hopefully something fits me :confused:

I’m thinking of getting a cheap exercise bike, as I don’t like going out, but need the exercise.

if you want to get out of the house more then i would suggest getting a bike, bc it will spur you on the fact that it is there will make you want to go out somewhere, thats what i have found after buying the bikes, i actually bought two bc i wanted to hire them out but now i want to try ad exercise more myself, an exercise bike is good but you dont get the fresh air or the smells or scenery etc, if i was on a bike i would ratehr be going somewhere than staying still and just pedalling (no offense)

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Ride on. Enjoy the classes

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Bike’s are awesome man. I’ve gotta get mine fixed.

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i’m taking it a test run tomorrow to my mums about 5 miles away and i bought a lot of top quality riding gear that will do me for all weathers so i really hop its going to work, the biggest thing i am concerned about is the saddle, i got padded riding shorts but i am still worried about it, the guy in the shop said i could get a more comfortable sadle if i wanted so i might try that if the shorts dont work.

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you will be fine :bike: :blush:
take care :alien:

Have fun biking!!!