I blew it for future medication thieves

In 1990, when I was 29 I was in a temporary group home. They called it a crisis home; it was an alternative to being hospitalized. I was just coming out of a nasty, year long relapse and I had been living in supported housing but I got kicked out over my drug use and my dad didn’t want me back living with him so he put me in this house. My relapse was weird because it started with me vomiting uncontrollably occasionally. and ended when I finally stopped throwing up. I won’t try to explain this but every time I vomited I ended up in the psyche ward. The vomiting triggered my psyche symptoms. It may sound funny but it was actually horrible and a couple times my symptoms got so triggered I had to be strapped to a table and restrained (the worse feeling on earth).

Here I was at this house. I discovered something though. One way to keep from throwing up (and not ending up in the psyche ward) was if I took extra prolixen and Ativan. The house dispensed medication twice a day. A counselor sat at a desk with all our medication and handed us the bottles of whatever we were taking and we shook out a pill or two and hand the bottle back. Well, I told them I needed extra medication but they refused to give me any. So at medication time, when they handed me my bottle I would palm about 5 or 6 extra prolixen and Ativan and hand it back. I was pretty. sly about it and they never caught on and every time an episode started I would take my “stolen” medication and thus stopped an episode before it began. I did this for about two months.

This was in 1990. Cut to: 1998. I’m seeing a pretty therapist and we talked about everything and one session we were talking about that group home, which she was familiar with because she sent clients there sometimes. I mentioned what I had done with the medication. It was 8 years later; I didn’t think it was a big deal but she got serious. To make a long story short, she called the group home and told them to change the way they gave out medication. Because of me. I felt like I had squealed and got the house in trouble.


Yeah you probably ruined it for some poor guy. Your therapist is the narc though, so don’t feel bad.


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