I binge drink now i feel like an arshole

Yep i did it. Ive ruined everything.


I couldn’t quit booze on my own either. I had to go to A.A. I got lucky and they helped. I went in 2003. I stopped going and had a slip where I got drunk about 4 years ago. But I haven’t drank since then.

So I’m coming up for 4 years sober.


i quit alcohol drugs and cigs 4 life mind over matter people!!!

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I use to binge drink as well struggled with it the most the past 2 years. I did it to forget about my condition but only found it made things worse. I’m 6 months sober now and proud of it.


Awesome :sunglasses: if you guys!

I was a horrid binge drinker.

After I survive md cancer I was sober and celibate about five years but was still rather psychotic but still able to live by myself but isolated.

Then I had s fall back because I made a stew with wine in it and drank the leftover s thought “just one drink is ok if I am disciplined.

Unfortunately I could not stick to just one drink.

Last New Year’s Eve (a year ago) I fell of da wagon and binged and vomited in my boyfriends pride and joy kitchen.

We had only recently met back then.

I decided New Year’s Day that it is not ok for me to have just one drink because I end up binge drinking.

So I have been sober one year now.:tada::pray:t3::blush::two_hearts:.

I am a better person that way.

I used to be s sl## when I was binging alcohol.
I was often raped or having sex I did not want nor did I enjoy it.

I am faithful and believe we both are.

I ruined relationships when I binge drank.

Anders who was there for me I regret I was not better to and for him but we lived destructively because he bi fed aswell.

I also quit smoking over ten years ago.:tada:

I could then afford so many things.

Like my neigher when she was given to me and they said they would take her for dog meat if I did not take her and she is one of the best things to ever happen to me.
She was dying but we both survived.

My new boyfriend smokes and drinks alcohol.

On his profile it said so and I almost did not add him to talk to because of it but he was so gorgeous and kind that I added him for chat on dating site and we have been together for one year now and he is s great boyfriend and I always used to fight with my x zzzz but my boyfriend and I do not fight as such just a few moments of little argument but not much.

When I had voices etc 24/7 the only thing that helped me not hear was when I was asleep or blind drunk .

Proud of us!!!

Good on us!!!

If you fall back relapse just do not best yourself up but start again.


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Do not give up!

Keep at it and be kind to yourself.

Wishing you to succeed.

Just keep at it patiently regardless of fall back relapse just keep at it and eventually you may be sober longer and longer time.


Don’t worry man, you’ll have better times
When I have alcohol I drink it all in one go as well. I’m staying sober by not buying any
I hope you’ll find a good way to overcome this

One of the many reasons I decided I would quit.

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