I believe stigma is going in the positive direction

Yesterday while at work I was in a depressed mood because I thought my friends didn’t like me anymore. As I reminisce over this, I realize that this was just a false perception, as I so often get. I told them that I was going to leave the group chat on Snapchat because I feared they disowned me. But how they responded was most happy to me. They told me that they are always there for me, and that I’m one of the bois. This helped me realize how much stigma has improved, because in the 20th century, I don’t think my friends would stick. They are always really supportive.


I think this is symbolic of the societal direction, as I’ve been met with good attitudes a lot

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ah that’s really nice =)
i think people don’t like me sometimes too… but it’s just a thought that is hard to fight…
i’m glad they were nice to you!


You have great friends. I’m glad it went like that for you


I’m so happy to have read this. I love that they said and did that for you.


That’s great. Try to remember this if you start to feel like that again.


I’m so happy for you. Yes my friend from uni that stuck around. She is totally not scared of me. Which is fantastic. But I hide away from her cos I feel not good enough, by my personal standards. I know I’m OK though, don’t get me wrong!!


reducing stigma is due to mental health issues on the rise from this virus covid imo


Yesterday some of my friends and I hung out, and it was just my best friend and I in the car talking. We were talking about life, drugs, and mental illness. But he mentioned that one of my friends and one of his best friends just got diagnosed with schizophrenia. This was a big shock to me. He was always the kid that everyone liked, you could probably characterized him as a jock. Anyway, I became friends with him while playing football together but hadn’t seen him for like 3 years because he graduated way before me. I’m now trying to reach out to him and to talk about schizophrenia and medication. This is the only person with schizophrenia that I’ve ever known.

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