I believe our sz brings us closer to god

Like maybe there is some kind of connection between psychosis and some spiritual significance. Maybe it is god running through our veins at 100 mph when we are psychotic. Maybe it’s a delusion.


I would not like mixing religions with the mental illness. In the past I have prayed that god would help me, but not any more. It is just schizophrenia, no help from ‘higher powers’.


That what’s hard to shake. At least it’s less grandiose now

My voices seemed to be controlled by the Norse God Loki whose a prankster and very cruel at it.

Some sz people think this might be true they dont see how this illness affects them

Yesterday I saw an article that found out that humans have been using weed for more than 2500 years to get closer to God, at least at the time.

I bet sz was a God calling back then :sweat_smile:

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I wonder what proportion of the forum believe in God

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Why? Is it because we’ll meet him/her sooner because we lose 20 years to meds?


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I think I might change my profile name. Loke and Loki are pronounced the same.

I believe in God.