I believe I've found the purpose of schizophrenia

In a nutshell, the purpose of schizophrenia is the overthrow of the so-called “minimal self”. Only this push allows us to correctly address the challenges posed by the twin problems of solipsism and the existence of other minds.

More on the minimal self:


Sometimes I think it is because it is easier to believe the things you do than admit to what that is hiding.

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Hiding? Like what?

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Probably whatever your voices blame you for.

I don’t hear voices. My post is the result of mulling over well recognised philosophical threads but applied to a sz context. We’re called for great things.

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The purpose of SZ is that we live in a fallen messed up screwed up world

That too…

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The only purpose of schizophrenia is to give health care workers jobs. Helps with the economy. It has no practical benefit for the sufferer.

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What about transcendental benefits for the sufferer?

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I had a lot of anxiety due to severe dissociation, depersonalization etc. When i read about the “Minimal self” - Dan Zahavi and his college, Joseph Parnass writing about selfdisturbances in sz i understood my symptoms better, and got a big relieve.

Im not alone.

My minimal self is a fluid, ever changing entity between persons, history, the phenomena, and “the others.” If there is an ago, it’s just popping up momentarily from this strange dream.

Since you live in Denmark, i guess your aware of Center for subjectivity research?
I have attended some of their lectures about the minimal self. Often free:

I found it forty years ago: To f*ck up my day.

I haven’t heard but it sounds extremely interesting.

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Mine are a piss poor form of con’troll.

This @seksoempirico s a video made by Center for Subjectivity research about:
Criticism of the DSM 10 including:
A very brief history of psychopathology
How philosophy and psychopathology can gain further insight to concept of “The self”
Self disturbances in schizophrenia.

I dont like the word self disturbance. I call SZ a “condition” where one of the key elements has got to due with a blunted, mixed or sometimes a heightened sensibility of self awareness.


I would tend to agree, with this statement.

Mental illness has a similar purpose as physical illness. I just can’t define it.

The sense of purpose I propose is specific to sz.

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