I believe in the 6th sense

I believe that there is the 6th sense (or more specifically there are
many categories of the 6th sense in the same way as there are our
familiar five sense). It is just the capability to be tuned on
specific electromagnetic frequencies and to receive the information on
these frequencies. I have had many experiences that I may have already
discussed on this newsgroup, but to clarify more I list some of these
expreriences again:

  1. In May, 1995, when I went camping with my former U.S. spouse to
    Jeckyll Island on the coast of Georgia in the U.S.A. I experienced so
    called “Near the Death” experience. It was around 9:00 p.m. and I told
    my former U.S. spouse at the time that I was going for some little
    walk to a dark beach area. When I walked on the camping ground I
    started feeling that somebody was murdering me and then I stopped to
    look at a lighted directions board and watched behind and there was an
    U.S. military looking short hair younger man who had been following
    me. After noticing this, I immediately proceeded back to my tent on
    another path. I believe, if I had continued futher to the dark beach
    area, this man might have murdered me. This was in May, 1995.

  2. More recently in 2003 when I was lying on my bed and I had a cat,
    Make, on my chest I felt strange electromagnetic frequencies around my
    head and coming to my head. I observed that this cat, Make, also
    actually observing these same frequencies and actually started
    watching these. Whether he saw them or not, I do not know, but I am
    sure that he experienced exactly the same as I did.

  3. In January, 2003, I had a dream that pipes had frozen in the
    building of my cousin without having had any contact with him in
    many months at all. And a day after this, a man came to visit me and
    my father and told than cousin’s pipes had frozen. Basically, I had
    received this information, while I slept on some electromagnetic
    frequency medium.

  4. In February, 2002 when I was in Miami I started receiving some
    information through these frequencies that my father was in some
    trouble. I had not really had contact with him to know this, but when
    I arrived at Finland in May, 2002 I found my father to be in
    very poor and bad shape. After these two years now here in Finland, he
    actually has become better than he was two years ago. But my main
    point is that I received this extra-intelligence through some
    non-explainable ways on some frequencies. He was in Finland
    and I lived in an autmobile in Miami, U.S.A.

  5. In December, 1999, when I was in Roswell and I still lived in my
    house, I received an understanding “It happens in the early morning
    hours.” And then in the early morning hours there was an ice storm and
    some trees fell on the house when I lived. I had received this
    intelligence on some medium I am not totally understanding.

As I do not know the circumstances around u I can’t actually say whether there was anything weird about ur experiences at all. Personally, I don’t know whether humans actually have a sixth sense or not. I certainly haven’t or I would’ve avoided everything that has happened to me. As for anyone else, who knows. No one ever predicts the lottery numbers do they. Funny that.

well science doesnt know everything they used to think the world was flat LOL.

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