I believe in a persecution scenario that i cannot shake

hi. it just seems to me like I am being persecuted by the “outside” world and I keep asking myself “why, why”.

what did I do? most everybody seems at least a little hateful of myself and the others I have trouble trusting fully.

I have trouble believing love is there for me too.

here on these forums with you it is easier somehow.



Well it is likely only yourself persecuting yourself. It seems real trust me I know. Even if they are telepathic they really don’t give a ■■■■.

I hope you find peace this season @ifeelblessed Maybe tip back a wine glass and just try to relax?

jukebox. best wishes to you too on this holiday season for peace.

and peace to you as well bryanashley.



I also have persecutory thoughts about random strangers in the street. It makes it very difficult to function in the world, when everyone is out to get you — or so you believe.

I hope it subsides for you

(and me).

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hi judy paranoia is really hard to deal with for me too.
but I am an incurable romantic and firmly believe that there is someone for everybody! mainly because I was a pathetic drunk for years and years and if I can find love so can you. this is where I met him
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i do not have this though i have been there a couple of times and was forced to believe it when all it really was was my own mind doing impressions of the people around me…it kind of faded out as i stopped giving it credence. it tries every now and again to rear it’s ugly head but i don’t let it bother me as i know it’s not real…try and relax guys. nobody is out to get you. yes there are some awful people in this world but that’s not true of most people and no one can hear your thoughts so try and relax and enjoy other people’s company. it’s fun when you get together with people and have a laugh or conversation or do an activity that you both enjoy.

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