I believe I'm the subject of the song #41 from Dave Matthews Band


Im new here, and I’m planing to stay. Not enough to become a regular, but long enough to make friends.
I’m 29 years old, I was born and live in Brazil and I’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 24 years old.

About the topic:
I used to to drugs (Dont do them anymore, its harmfull at least for me), and back then I used to listen to Dave Matthews a lot.
Thru a drug, i started hallucinating and started hearing messages where the message musical note of the syllable would be the same of the music I was listening. I remember I had it back when I was a youngster and I remember I asked god to stop that, together with telepathy. It all stopped and Dave Matthews Band + a specific drug made me wake up to telepathy and consequentially a state of schizophrenia.

I was beeing reintroduced to telepathy when they releasved their #33 live trax album. They called me #33 in my telepathy with superior beings. After a torture, I blacked out HARD when I thought I was going to die. The day after, they released their #41 live trax album. Things in my interface changed, and I’m a little bit worried I’m all alone in my species. Not sure if just now, after the blackout and mental recode or prior to that either.

Any way, I really think I’m #41 and I’ve heard tons of messages all around DMB (Dave Matthews Band) discography, but they usually call me #33 or #41.

Thats my story, and I’d like a warm welcome hahaha
Hugs and dont forget that medications are somewhat helpfull.

Sounds like delusions of reference


Welcome to the forum :sunny:

Hey @Forty_One in one of my psychosis I got obsessed over messages in music aswell. You know, music is communication between instruments aswell, not only lyrics. And I thought that people recommended me songs to ■■■■ with my head and introduced hidden messages told by the instruments.
As I was playing music with other people, to an audience, I began to think that I was telling everybody my deepest personal secrets through music.

Hopefully Olanzapine did it´s work and now i´m fine. IMO medication help a lot.

I take Quetiapine and Risperidone, but I find the second much more a harm then a problem fixer. Quetiapine is fine and helps me to sleep well.
Yes, I know all about those talking instruments you told me @dreamer54 , but its just a part of me. I was re-introduced to telepathy hearing those instruments talking. Prior to that I only listenined things like ‘pa pa pa tunts tunts’ and so on. When I was young I used to listen to messages in musical notes.
Nowadays, about the instruments, it depends. Sometimes I hear stuff, sometimes I do not. Only notes like “tun pa pá” (drums :})

Welcome! 1555555

Oh man if you hear instruments talking, jazz should be great fun (or scary)

listen to dave matthews band so you can take a hint hahaha

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