I Believe I can Do This

@Minnii told me I was ‘born to be psychotic’…true…

But I also feel I was born to be a difference maker…true as well…

My goal is to lift the Schizophrenia Community on my shoulders and to put it on the Map. I wanna eventually raise millions of dollars for research into this affliction. To shatter the myths and to shine a light on all who suffer from it.

This forum has been ‘Everything’ to me over the last difficult year. My plan is to try as hard as I can to give back. To use my connections, resources and abilities for the purpose of goodness! :sunny:

If I crash and burn, well…at least I can say I tried.

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great, @Patrick

I’ve never been able to set the bar very high, as this hurdle might not be the worse I’ve seen, but having goals is always good.

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Glad you came back to visit, @Daze! We all missed you!! :sunny:

I have the luxury car, the nice house, the lovely wife and kids, solid employment for both of us.

I’m not going to coast on this anymore. I want to set the wheels in motion to become a difference maker…to reach further than my grasp…to fulfill my potential. I need to be part of something bigger than myself.

What are you going to do @Patrick?

I told ya already…

I’m going to lasso a rainbow and crash into a pot of gold!

not trying to take the wind outta your sails, but just be careful of grandiose thinking. thanks for the welcome back.


My goal isn’t to become famous…that’s just too shallow. My plan is to work unnamed behind the scenes to shine the spotlight on others.

I would be a philanthropist if the path were to behold such. I don’t expect I’d be up to stardom with my art tho. Maybe if i wear a Conway Twitty wig i can keep my privacy.


I guess you have a chance. It sounds a little too ambitious to me. But your heart is in the right place. And hey, a little bald old Indian man named Ghandi changed the course of history in his country. So one man can do a lot in this world. So you never know. Of course most successful men or women in this world had help to do whatever they achieved. I’m just a little leery of someone with schizophrenia reaching a little too high. But this is just one mans opinion, use it or ignore it. If you need inspiration to achieve your goals than read up a little about Bill Mcfee. Very few of us can be the next Bill McFee, Elyn Saks, Fred Friese, or John Nash. Yeah, it’s great to have goals and you have the right attitude so good luck in your future endeavers. It may be smart to proceed cautiously in going for what you want.

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