I become disabled

i become disabled
they talking daily to my head
8 yearsssss so farrr
i wanna suicideeee
i wanna esc this hell
called egypt!
i wanna die
whats the first thing you will do if you die ?

No please don’t suicide, it is a scam and not an escape. How many meds did you try? If you really feel in danger go to the hospital! :cry:


@saynow ,

Schizophrenia affects about 1% of the population of EVERY country in the world.
There is nothing special about Egypt in this regard.

Please work with your doctor to find the best medicine for your voices. When your voices disappear, you will feel better again.

Life is precious. Suffering is unnecessary. I will pray for you. :pray:


May i suggest you call your Mental Health Nurse? You dont sound well mate x


I agree please don’t commit suicide. Hang in there and get help. Work with mental health professionals to get good meds that help you. It may be a trial and error


it will get better.

i know stress, pressure, expectations beyond what i am capable of, all such negatives can make my voices more active.

would you want to tell me about yourself?

i take risperidone, which i was told was a tranquiler.

have you lowered your dose of anipsychotics? the body produced more reuptakes and decreases can cause worse psychosis.

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I was disabled my whole life.
My schizophrenia affected me from early childhood.

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