I asked the military "where's the toilet?" in Paris :-)

I was looking for the ladies room “the toilet” it’s called in France, so I wandered over to this building, and there was a man in a uniform holding a machine gun. I asked him for a ‘toilet’ and where the museum was. The theatre was closed, no potty’s, so I ran behind the theatre.

one thing I learned in Paris is that the men can just pee off the bridges into the Seine river! So, I started wearing dresses and removing my shoes, I think that’s what the nuns were doing, saw them in the park too :smile:

here’s an article about it. I wanted to walk along the river one day, went down to the Seine river along the banks, nobody down there, what’s up with that?

then I saw a guy, walk up to the bridge, pretend to look at the view, piss threw the bridge grates, there’s a gutter that runs along the bridges, catches the urine, puts it in the river. so the Seine river is like a big toilet, I thought that wa gross, but… so I started wearing a dress :smile:

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Jokes about Paris just don’t seem funny right now.

no, it’s not a joke to me either :frowning:
I was reading that there was someother kind of smaller incident in France in January, perhaps they were watching, knew something was going to happen :frowning:
I thought it odd that a military was openly holding his machine gun in the park for example, airport too :frowning:

here is the attack from January 2015

I was there in May 2015, saw military

maybe there’s somebody here from France who can speak to this? Paris does have public toilets on the street. when I was there at age 17, I remember standing over just a hole, no toilet.

today, they have these, they are automatic, push a button to get in, then when your done, the door automatically shuts, water sprays and cleans the entire stall, and the next person can go, they’re fantastic!

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