I appreciate everyone who responds to my posts

but yeah, you’re under data surveillance. Maybe you should avoid Daze?
Don’t worry though, they don’t know who you are.


They already know who I am.

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I can’t live off the grid…I need my meds.

Pfft. Whatever. I see this as a support forum and I don’t care one iota what surveillance is up to. You’ve read my posts and we had a quaint encounter. I got ya @Daze, you got a friend in me.

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Data surveillance?

Hi Government, Nice to meet you, please stop spying on me, I’m fine. If you’re finding trouble filling your time I suggest taking a walk, learning an instrumental or reading an interesting book, can I recommend some George Orwell?


When I used to smoke weed I would send a coded message to my flatmate when I got some.

It was always ‘the jam is in the doughnut! Repeat the jam is in the doughnut!’

Made me feel like a spy lol

I have nothing to say, thanks for responses.

I burst out laughing


You, well I have exactly nothing to say, and I have nothing to say. Be well @Daze.

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well, if you want to know, you can’t be in the program by accident, so you’re all safe, and I didn’t mean to cause paranoia, my mom’s RH negative reptilian blood may be to blame.

Are you feeling ok? Some of what you said doesn’t make sense, like the reptilian RH negative blood. Just looking our for you.

AI doing most of it from RH negative. My mother told everyone she got scoliosis from a car accident, no, it was her bloodline. She was in body cast for over 6 months when I was 4 years old. They had to put screws in her head to stretch her body, not sure how long she was there in the hospital. It was so hard on all of us. But, satellite surveillance and human experimentation on my part may be a direct cause from her.

Do you appreciate me for this post? I want to be appreceiated.

ha, yeah of course.

you look like my sister somewhat.

I’m RH negative. But I can assure you I’m not reptilian.

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daze I rate you in my top 5 favourite people on this site

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Here’s a pic of Daze. They told me I’m ugly inside and out on Google Plus.


Goog le plus was a sewer

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Nah, you look pretty and your eyes show alot of character.