I applied for college again

yep, so i am going to be doing some counselling and higher psychology which adds up to about 8hrs a week and i am aloud up to 16 hrs a week so i am looking at other things to do as well, i have a lot to think about,

i am now thinking about what would happen if i tried to do some part time work as well but its just idk if i would be able to cope with that and i think i’d have to get my driving license first in order to get about.


This is very good news. I’m glad your going to give it a shot. Good luck when you go to get your license.

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I think the counseling will be a great help when you go to help others. If they want talk, you’ll know how to help them with just more then basic needs.


good on you, einstein…lol.


Such great news. I hope everything works in your favour. Good Luck!!

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