I apologise for message

I apologise for my message about men being pigs


NO!! NO!! NO!!! NO!!! Don’t say it 77nick77!! Control yourself!!
Damn, I can’t help it:

What are you wearing @shellys12?


Beg your pardon


Another joke falls flat. Sorry @shellys12.

I’m sure no one took serious offense…

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thats ok, i can be a bit of a pig sometimes, i like to pig out on pizzas and kebabs lol ‘super unhealthy’ but never mind x

No need to apologize @shellys12 because their is some truth to what you have said.
Most men are pigs or at least dogs :smile:

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Pigs are cute(intelligent as well) . As long as people use ‘pig’ as an insult, I can never use the word as a compliment.

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You are absolved and for a penance pat your head while rubbing your tummy.

I see nothing wrong with saying men are pigs…most of them are.

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I appreciate your apology, but this thread doesn’t seem to be going to a healthy place so I will cut it off now.

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