I annoy people

I’m annoying to people too. I’ve handled it by limiting my interactions with other people. At least to some extent everybody annoys everybody. Personally, it doesn’t bother me that I annoy other people. I don’t hate or dislike other people, but I prefer to remain alone. If you don’t want to be alone look for topics of conversation that other people like. Football or basketball are good among guys. Just pay attention to what other people are talking about and try to blend in.

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And I’m very good at that. I’m bery good at blending in if I want. As long as I can remember I can meld myseld to almost any group. But because of it I’ve always felt like I never belong. I I’ve always felt like a fake and any time I act myself and fully as myself instead of a mask or pattial mask I feel annoying. It’s caused many identity issues in that I don’t know I ambevause I’ve spent souch te being who others see me as rather that what I actually am.

If you can find people with similar interests it’s much easier to blend in. I think you’re blowing your problem out of perspective. Look for people with similar interests. Have more patience with small talk. Try not to be self conscious.

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I definitely know I am. And I know right now I’m just more complaining, it’s just harder to push it off and tealize and conivnce myself it’s smaller than what I think it is

I think I know what youre saying but I’m also very tired and not thinking super well so I shall respond to this tomorrow when I can think a little more logically.

You gotta be you. Maybe next time someone indicates that you are annoying try to find out why. Maybe this is ignorant.

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