I am worried about the world

There is a trade war between the US and China, many sanctions on Russia, countries are expelling foreign diplomates and many things like this, makes me wonder where everything is heading …

sound like we need a ambassador from the UN to set up a world trade commission to level the goods.

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I wouldn’t spend time worrying about things that are out of your control.


I think the more important question is: where is Donald Trump.

It is just that the news media is communicating these negative news, maybe I should stop reading or watching the news, but you are right, why to worry about these things when these events are out of my control.

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You must be the change you wish to see in the world -Mahatma Gandhi

Be more concerned with your life than what’s going on in the World unless of course it directly affects your life. Schizophrenia or whatever you have is not a trivial matter and is serious enough for you to worry about. However I think in a way worrying may be one of the biggest problems you have within itself if anxiety is part of your disorder.
Most things take care of themselves because most people in power do not want to forfeit their lives by starting major conflicts or let the trade wars get out of hand due to the inflation and loss of income they can cause. Every army in the World is preparing for a war they never want to fight and to a great degree buildup of arms are usually done to ensure others leave them alone. And there are always talks happening over arguments going on around the World with the big powers. If you live in a failed country where Civil War is erupting then you have a lot to worry about. But if you are in the majority of the relatively peaceful part of the World then you don’t have much to worry about.

That’s great advice !

There is always plenty to worry about as far as what is going on in the world. We could get hit by an astroid, global warming could marginalize billions of people, and there is still the danger of thermonuclear war. At least we have much fewer nuclear warheads in the arsenals of Russia and the U.S. than we had during the Cold War, but it is starting to look like the number of warheads could start to climb again. And then there are tsunamis, volcanoes, and earthquakes. I think it is good to be aware of such things, so that a person feels a common bond with the rest of humanity.

I don’t like watching the news. I find it very depressing. Sometimes I feel like crying when the news is on

Some things such as the climate change affects directly my life. For example, now spring is two weeks late and the weather is quite bad which depresses me, I feel depressed and I can not ride my bicycle, this makes me feel sad and so on.

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The world seems to be very interconnected. Although one might live in a peaceful country, conflicts in the less peaceful regions affect also peaceful countries, for example the refugee problem that came from Syria affects directly my life, because I see these refugees every day. But you may be right that I should not worry about the world too much, it is just that these news communiicate this negative and depressive news constantly, makes me feel depressed.

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I used to worry about these things a lot until I finally realized it’s out of my control so what good does it do me to worry? I cut way back on news but I still peak at it once in awhile out of curiosity. But now what I read I take with a grain of salt.

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